The following list is made NOT by the reviews, do you know that there are companies that hire people to devote themselves to making reviews? This has complicated things, hopefully Google and Yelp try to do something about it.

This list was made taking into account many concepts, I know Tijuana a lot, and I am quite familiar with medical tourism in the Baja California region, we are a group of businessmen that have promoted medical tourism since it is not something that only benefits doctors or dentists, but also all people, in one way or another benefits us all.

I know that this TOP 5 is very trite, and many people use it, but as this portal is to help people who are thinking of coming to Tijuana for some dental work, help make the best decision and not fall into some bad practices. dentists in Tijuana that we are totally against them, that’s why we want to highlight the dentists in Tijuana who are really doing things right.

Points we are taking into account to make this list, honesty, values, years of experience, specialties, commitment and strategic location.

The clinic offers services since 1974, Dr. Angel Serrano is the head of the team of dentists that he has in his clinic, believes in providing high standard quality services, offers dental insurance of HMO’s and PPO’s, currently the dental clinic Tijuana is one of the most large in Tijuana (3000 sq.ft), 90% percent of our patients come from the United States and Canada.

Dr. Angel Serrano is always in constant training, both how his team of dentists, concerned about updating their dental team, always staying at the forefront of dental equipment.

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Dental Clinic Tijuana

Affordable Price Dentist in Tijuana, all dentist professionals are certified and licensed with over 15 years of professional practice in Tijuana Mexico. Dental Integral has been forever in constant improvement on the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing that our professional and friendly dentists always meet the expectations of our patients.

Dentist Tijuana Integral have a certified by the Quality Assurance consultants in the United States and exclusively contracted by ten HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Prepaid Dental Programs.

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Dental Tijuana Integral

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico. With Mexico Extreme Makeover your dentist in Tijuana Mexico Dr. Alex has over 28 years of experience as when he started his practice he had his lab in San Diego, California and still has now his laboratory in Baja Tijuana, Mexico.

Dr. Alex also has outmost credentials as a dentist practicing and doing every possible procedure that exists today in the dental field with over 16 years of experience. Dr. Alex believes in providing high standard quality services.Free Parking

Mexico Extreme Make Over

Certified dentists with vast experience in creating smile makeovers, veneers, crowns and restorative dentistry. EG Dental is a connection to affordable dentistry! Offer quality services.

Están ubicados en la Zona Rio en Tijuana, en el edificio de Medica Norte. EG Dental have a State-of the Art facility, with modern high tech equipment, digital x-rays, and high definition TV monitors for the patients to view x-rays and photos of their teeth. Facility is very clean and tastefully decorated, and located in a newly constructed building. EG Dental has built its reputation on being the very best in the field.

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Biological Dentistry is located in the beach section of Tijuana, one of the quietest and safest sections of Tijuana, Uses only non-toxic dental materials that do not react adversely to the immune system.

With thirty years of experience and his gentle dental care, has extensive training in the sequential removal of toxic materials during treatment and the prevention of future exposure to them. The Center for Biological Dentistry Tijuana is located ten minutes after crossing the international border from San Diego, California, a few blocks from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.Free Parking

Biological Dentistry Tijuana

I hope this list is of great help to know more about the excellent dental services you can find in Tijuana, do not forget to leave us your comments and tell us what has been for you the best dentist in Tijuana.

Remember ALWAYS your own opinion is better, here we only try to help, but your own experience is what counts, greetings and happy trips to Tijuana, here we are waiting for you with open arms.