Is it true that I can find Affordable dentist in Tijuana Mexico?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself if it’s true that you can find much lower prices in Tijuana compared to the USA for your dental treatment.

Affordable Dentist in Tijuana

My personal testimony about affordable prices for dental work in Tijuana

Here I will try to clarify how true this is, I live in San Diego CA and I know very well the city of Tijuana, and I know a friend who has more than 25 years taking patients mainly from the USA and Canada to various doctors and dentists. in Tijuana, talking with him I could really clarify how true it is especially speaking of dentists if it is worth the trip and do the dental treatment in Tijuana and not in the USA.

His name is Luis, as he has more than 25 years helping different patients to achieve their treatment in Tijuana, especially offering Plastic Surgery, which as he says, is the main business and is where most patients have, also offers treatments for hair loss, treatments for the skin, and also any type of dental work.

Why Tijuana? Why is dentists more Affordable Prices in Tijuana?

Tijuana has a great advantage, and it is the proximity with USA, especially with the most important state of USA, which is California and one of the most beautiful cities that is San Diego, Tijuana is located 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, I recommend that you read some of my writing … My first trip to a dentist in Tijuana Mexico, where I detail how to get there and what to do in Tijuana, from San Diego.

Affordable prices dental work in Tijuana

Come back when you want to visit your Dentist in Tijuana for any reason.

Normally the treatments, not all, requires several visits to the dentist, if the dental treatment you do in Tijuana, you can do this without problem, since you can be passing each time you require it.

The prices in Tijuana are much more accessible than in the USA basically in anything, and for the dental service is not the exception, in Tijuana you will be able to find a great variety of dentists with a lot of experience, with recognitions in the main dental insurances in the USA (HMO) ).

Come to Tijuana and take advantage of Affordable prices, great savings in your dental treatment.

Luis tells me that there is indeed a great saving in any dental procedure compared to prices in the US and Canada, and best of all, there are very good dentists in Tijuana, and they are really honest, but beware, not everything is always So, that’s why you have to be careful when looking for and selecting the dentist of your choice.

In the vast majority of dentists in Tijuana will offer excellent prices on dental treatments, where you can find prices up to 75% lower, although this is not the best option to decide or select the dentist.


Below I present a list of prices for most dental work you can find in Tijuana

The prices shown are from a particular dentist, they are prices so that you can get an idea of the low prices in Tijuana