All about my story about how I love to Tijuana and met who is now my dentist in Tijuana

I’m going to tell you my story about my dentist in Tijuana, I must admit that at the beginning I had many doubts (and fears), I had seen many videos of other people who had visited Tijuana, to be honest it was a challenge for me, never I had visited Tijuana.

Then he decides better before making an appointment with a dentist in Tijuana, going to know Tijuana, he decides to stay one night there and get to know Tijuana so no one can tell me, I take the time to go early, I live in LA, so it would be Better to leave very early so that traffic is not a problem for me.


Cross the border to Tijuana


I saw that I needed to cross the border, really to move to Tijuana they do not ask for any paper, well I pass by car, I think if you walk by if they ask for a document, I think that with your American passport is more than enough.


When you arrive at the border with Tijuana, you decide to go through San Ysidro, since there is another way to cross, which is taking 905 that takes you to Otay Mesa, what I could investigate is that this area is more industrial, not commercial , and the dentists in Tijuana were more in the Rio Zone and the Tijuana Center, so he decides to go through San Ysidro.


The hotel where I decided to stay in Tijuana


As I had planned to stay one night in Tijuana, he decided to stay at the Hotel Pueblo Amigo, which is right on the border, the area is very good and is next to a plaza called Pueblo Amigo, it has a very western style. I leave the link of the hotel, this very well, also has a casino inside and the rooms are very clean. In addition to this hotel I had the option of another, which I had also recommended, which was the Hotel Lucerna, but decided for the Hotel Pueblo friend since it was closer to the border, and because it was my first time in Tijuana, I decided to go for that.



About the city of Tijuana that I knew


Let me tell you that Tijuana surprised me, everything that I knew was very nice, I went to the beach area of Tijuana and arrived in Rosarito, very nice both places, the neighborhood or area called Zona Rio where the hotel was where I stayed is an area very safe in Tijuana, also there is the restaurant area, which had already told me that the food in Tijuana was very tasty, so do not hesitate to take it, the first day was to know Tijuana and I really liked it. In another post I will expand more about this trip, which was quite an experience.

About food in Tijuana


It’s time to decide about my Tijuana Dentist


The next day, if I dedicate myself more to going to meet some dental clinics in Tijuana, which were basically the ones that I had found in Google, select the ones that made me better in the area where I would be, the river area in Tijuana, I did not have any appointments with them, I just wanted to know the location, the place and see what the clinic or dental office was like.


The first dentist did not like me very much, the place was very clean, well the only thing I saw was the reception, the place is very lonely and also when there was nobody to take care of me, parking was a big problem, I had to leave my car in a public parking lot about 3 blocks from the building where the dentist was, so this dentist option I started discarding, although I remember that I thought I hope the other options were better, and not end with this dentist.


When I finally met my dentist in Tijuana

I love my dentist Tijuana


Already with more encouragement, decides to find the next dentist, upon arriving at your location, that the truth and everything was well located, since I had seen them on Google Map, the dentist is in a commercial plaza, I liked this at the beginning, since I found free parking very easily, at the time of entering the dentist’s office the atmosphere was different, I had several people at the reception, the receptionist answered me quickly welcoming me, in English !, I liked that, I told him the reason of my visit, which did not take place to see the dentist, was just to know.



She treated me very well and told me that in the dental clinic not only was one dentist, but there were several and that they were by specialty, the main one of them is Dr. Mario Lamas, I did not have the opportunity to know him, since It was quite busy, so I decided to leave, the place to be honest is not very big, it’s a normal sized dental clinic, but I also liked that, since I felt that the attention is more personal. I left the place with very good desire to return. That’s why I leave the link to your website – Dentist in Tijuana | Affordable dental in Tijuana | Tijuana Dentist Mexico


I love my dentist Tijuana
I love my dentist Tijuana reception Clinic
I love my dentist Tijuana Location

The third dental clinic on my list, when I arrived in the area, it seemed good, although I was not in the area I liked in Tijuana, it’s in the Central Zone of Tijuana, very close to the Rio Zone, the place was pretty good, it had its parking place as a ballet parking lot, but this was because the parking lot was quite small, so you could not leave your car, you had to leave it with the ballet parking, although this more comfortable does not stop being something that sometimes you like it.


The dental clinic was quite good, the care was not better than the other, but in general if I liked it, but I think that before going to this 3rd dental clinic Tijuana had already made the decision that it would be with the 2nd one I had visited, so you better decide to return at the same time with the dentist Lamas and make an appointment once in a month that I would return.


After the month I returned with the Dentist Lamas, I could really assure that it was the best decision I had made, really today I can say that I love my dentist Tijuana, it has been quite an experience for me, I’ve been with the dentist for more than a year Lamas, the attention is very personal, I have been very happy with the dental work that I have done, and I have saved a lot of money compared to what it cost me in LA, and at each visit with my dentist I am paying, so no payment has been made a lot.



My experience at Tijuana Dentist


From my experience at Tijuana Dentist, I wanted to share it on this page, where they gave me the opportunity to do it, I want to thank this site for this opportunity, I hope this helps other people to make the decision to visit Tijuana, believe me it is nothing like You see in the news, Tijuana is very beautiful and if you can take advantage of your visit to walk and know Tijuana to do a dental work, much better, investigate the best option for you, for me was the dentist Lamas, in the area where I stayed and what was best for me, but you know other places and make your decision, I can recommend what I know.


That your trip to Tijuana is a pleasant adventure as it was for me and that you meet your dentist in Tijuana.


I love my dentist Tijuana
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I love my dentist Tijuana
All about my story about howI love my dentist Tijuana and met who is now my dentist in Tijuana
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